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Mobile Video Systems

When you add a Mobile Video System to your vehicle, long trips seem very short, especially if you have children. Miles seem to melt away as everyone in the vehicle (except the driver) is totally immersed in a DVD movie. To see functioning displays, visit our showroom. Here are our most popular options.

In-Dash Navigation System

In-Dash Navigation System

With custom applications for many vehicles, and a great-looking universal unit for any car, Auto Trim Design will make sure you never get lost again. The Rosen system can help you in reverse with an optional Back-up Camera or Back-up Sensors. And The best part is, your In-Dash Nav system can be hooked up to headrest or overhead monitors.

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Headrest Video Systems

Headrest Built-In Video System with DVD Player

If one wants to play video games while others want to watch a movie, the headrest video system is a good way to go. The DVD player is built right into the screen and swivels out at the touch of a button. NICE!


Ceiling Mount 12 inch Video System

Motorized Drop-Down Ceiling Mount 12 inch Video System

For the ultimate experience in Mobile Video it's hard to beat this 12" system with a built-in DVD player. Choose from black, beige, or grey to match your vehicle's interior. The unit is even lighted so you don't have to fumble with DVDs in the dark. The system can be integrated with an in-dash navigation system also.


Visit our showroom to see functioning displays!

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